German Conference for Pattern Recognition

The DAGM Symposia have been organized every year since 1978, bringing together a group of scientists who address the problems of pattern recognition. In 2013, the name was changed to German Conference for Pattern Recognition (GCPR).         Since 2003, there has been an individual website for every symposium:

GCPR 2020, Tübingen

GCPR 2019, Dortmund

GCPR & VMV 2018, Stuttgart

GCPR 2017, Basel

GCPR 2016, Hannover
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GCPR 2015, Aachen
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GCPR 2014, Münster

GCPR 2013, Saarbrücken

DAGM-Symposium 2012, Graz

DAGM-Symposium 2011, Frankfurt

DAGM-Symposium 2010, Darmstadt

DAGM-Symposium 2009, Jena

DAGM-Symposium 2008, Munich

DAGM-Symposium 2007, Heidelberg

DAGM-Symposium 2006, Berlin

DAGM-Symposium 2005, Vienna

DAGM-Symposium 2004, Tübingen

DAGM-Symposium 2003, Magdeburg